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Planned Maintenance System (PMS)

PMS software allows for convenient control and maintenance of the ship in motion. Improves security by reminding the crew of the duties - carry out the work required by classification societies, equipment manufacturers, etc., as well as strict control and maintenance of all equipment on board the ship.

All work, inspections and surveys are carried out strictly in previously introduced to the system schedule, approved and supervised by one of the many classification societies (DNV, Lloyd, ABS, etc.).

AS-tech Solutions company has its own PMS product, called ODMS, in the form of software ready to install and use not only in the maritime sector (for more information about the program in the PRODUCTS section).

Currently we are conducting the following projects:

  • Daily maintenance, support, service and crew trainings for:
    • 20 tankers of shuttle tankers type, operated by Teekay Tanker Corporation (AMOS M & P PMS software),
    • 80 chemical tankers of Stolt Tankers & Terminals (AMOS M & P PMS software
    • 12 General Cargo vessel type operated by FH Bertling Reederei GmbH (using our ODMS management package)
  • staff trainings and building a compatible database with PMS programs for:
    • specialist ships to underwater works managed by Subsea 7 (TM Master v2)
    • OSM (Star IPS)
    • chemical tankers of Bernard Schulte Shipmanagement company (ABS Nautical System 5).

Phone: +48 58 660 97 36
E-mail: it@as-tech.pl
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