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Offshore Installation Manager position

AS-Tech Solutions is specialized in administration and supply of personnel for offshore and oil & gas projects. We have vacancy for the permanent position of Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) .

Interested in this permanent position and have the necessary experience?

Let us know by applying directly on O!JA or/and  send your CV to recruitment@as-tech.pl


Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Apply for this job at O!JA:  https://as-tech.odms.eu/Login.aspx

Estimated job start date: 15-06-2024

Job description

Ensure that the day-to-day activities within the maintenance team are carried out in a safe manner in accordance with the company HSEQ policies.

Ensure that all activities are carried out in conformance with laws and regulations, contractual requirements, relevant management system and asset HSEQ plan.  

The OIM is the highest authority onboard and accountable for the overall safety and work-related activities of the vessel during operation. In addition, they have the overall accountability for all surface and sub-sea activities within the 500 m safety zone.

In case of an emergency, or a situation occurs that may lead to an emergency, the OIM has the right and duty to override any instructions received from superiors and make their own decisions, if considered necessary, for the sake of safety.


  • Accountable for the health, safety and welfare of all personnel on board the vessel promoting a positive open safety culture
  • Ensure the best possible utilization of the competency and capacity of the organization onboard in the execution of the operations
  • Ensure that all offshore personnel have adequate information and resources to enable them to understand their responsibilities and carry out their functions safely and efficiently
  • Ensure that the certificates required for current legislation are valid and that the requirements of any Classification Society are complied with
  • Ensure that all accidents and incidents are adequately investigated, and remedial actions implemented as appropriate
  • Ensure compliance with all procedures by delivering a programme of regular worksite checks and auditing of all operational activities
  • Provide leadership, set accountabilities and expectations for all members of the management team, delegating as required 
  • Act as coach and mentor, contributing to succession planning. Complete team annual performance reviews giving corrective feedback and assess personnel within the relevant Competency Assessment System
  • Ensure sufficient and competent manning of the installation and support necessary learning and development for all positions
  • Understand and promote Company objectives and KPI’s to achieve commitment from all offshore personnel and successful delivery of these objectives and KPI’s
  • Monitor the working environment and act on any HSEQ, personnel and employee relation issues
  • Oversee the arrangements to ensure the ongoing integrity of the installation
  • Ensure that contracted services are delivered in liaison with the Asset Manager
  • Monitor and control expenditure to support delivery of OPEX and CAPEX budgets
  • Promote and protect the reputation of the asset
  • Lead the Emergency Response Team (ERT) onboard during an emergency
  • Ensure Offshore Emergency Response capability through training and regular exercises

Job Requirements

  • Engineering/science degree, Master Mariner, experienced Production Supervisor or Maintenance Supervisor.
  • OIM endorsement or evidence to satisfy IMO Res 1079(28) sect 6.2.
  • Fluent English language

Skills and Experience Requirements

  • Significant experience at supervisory or management level from offshore installations (preferably floating production unit)
  • Committed to highest level of business ethics and integrity
  • Demonstrable leadership and decision-making capabilities and ability to lead and motivate a team.
  • Excellent communications skills (written and verbal) and able to set clear expectations and accountabilities.
  • Capable of representing the company to relevant outside bodies.

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